The transgender smile is an alluring smile. It is a seductive signal, a mysterious message, from an eclectic source. Ambiguity rings loud on a painted stage. I am reminded of the importance of a smile every time I visit the food hall in a shopping centre. “Buy my wares,” it seems to say. “Eat me baby!” Human beings selling opportunities for sensual gratification. Nourishment beckons in a steamy Baine Marie. The transgender smile: Mapping the dynamics of cosmetic dentistry to put the cherry atop the cake. Whiter than white, brighter than bright.

LGBTQIA Issues & Dental Clinics

Some say that an inner-city dentist is often more aware of LGBTQIA issues than the average Joe or Joanne. Never smile at a crocodile. A smile with razor sharp teeth. Dentists deal with more cosmetic issues than ever before. What once was a primarily functional calling has morphed from barber-surgeon to beauty therapist. Putting the finishing touches on enhanced human beings is very much part of the job description in the 21C. The mouth is an interesting orifice, as it bears teeth. This multifunctional feature can kiss, suck, bite and chew. Beware the perfect smile and what it brings.

An Enticing Smile Says Much

Today, it’s OK to be open about gay preferences and lifestyle. The authorities no longer prosecute divergent impulses. Visiting public toilets at quiet times is no longer necessary. An enticing smile, however, never goes astray. The rictus grin hell bent on sin taps out desire in Morse code for the simpleton. If you go down to the woods today you are in for a big surprise. The transgender smile hides a darting tongue. That slight gap between the two front teeth. A dusting of freckles on soft unseen skin. The menu is more diverse at this soiree. Come on in.

Dentists are not sexy. Sorry, those white coats and sharp whining drills don’t do it for me.  They are the technicians for synthetic improvements to enhance Homo sapiens. Call me old fashioned but the perfect white teeth smile is too futuristic and foreign for this libido. I like a little yellowing, grime, and grit as bedfellows. The transgender smile: Mapping the dynamics of cosmetic dentistry can detail where the world is heading. The 3D printing of human beings. The Uberization of the commodification of sex. Gender and identity are no longer just the signs on public restrooms.