We created Scigentasy because there aren’t enough science fiction and fantasy magazines primarily dedicated to exploring gender issues. The speculative fiction genre is a great space in which to discuss gender. It gives us the freedom to destroy all preconceived and current notions of what gender is and signifies. The genre also allows us to see in new light how gender is and is not important, how it helps us be who we are, and how it holds us back. This power to invent and reimagine is an invaluable tool in developing and facilitating critical thinking about gender in our own world.

The stories we publish will challenge and intersect with gender across sex, race, socioeconomic class, sexual identity, and geography. We aim to explore gender well beyond the limits of the typical white, middle class, suburban conception of the issue. This includes examination of intersex and nonbinary gender constructions, too.
Not only do we want to challenge people to think about gender issues, but we want to encourage people to think about what role speculative fiction can play in the social-political sphere. Science fiction and fantasy stories aren’t just about imaginative worlds, magical beings, and innovative technologies. These stories are powerful tools that can be used to reflect on our own society.

Ultimately, Scigentasy is for anyone who has a love for science fiction and fantasy and who wants to see current social issues relating to gender explored in their favorite genre. Our magazine would also be of interest to anyone who is interested in gender generally and is curious to see the issue explored in a genre with which they may or may not be familiar.
Keep an open-mind, think critically, and enjoy!