Teenagers reside within the physical realities of our species, as we all do, but, perhaps, they feel it more acutely due to their growing pains. Pains experienced both mentally, emotionally, and sometimes, physically. Teeth and bones hold many of our most ancient secrets as Homo sapiens. Wisdom teeth root deep within our jaws and psyches. Teens, gender and orthodontics: Male and female mouth and jaw shapes tell the oldest stories about our race. Many of us avoid these existential realities and refrain from looking them in the face. Teenagers are confronted by these emerging physical truths and all their psychic entrails on a daily basis.

The Teenage Desire to Emulate Supermodels

The importance of orthodontics to teenagers cannot be overstated in many instances, as they seek to come to terms with the physical hand dealt to them by DNA and fate. The overwhelming need to fit in, so, as to, belong to the tribe, is hardwired into a teenager’s soul. They seek to physically emulate the archetypal or supermodel in their own appearance and presentation of themselves. Competing tendencies battle within them, such as, the desire to fit in and the coming to terms with their differences and uniqueness. Teens, gender and orthodontics: Male and female mouth and jaw shapes smile and grimace in a transitional dance across these formative tears.

Dentists Doing Their Bit for Life & Love

The material reality of human life values young life, especially fertile life, over older life forms, as the primary goal is the propagation of the species. Teenagers are vitally important to the continuation of our race. Their groping challenges toward finding mates and becoming parents are paramount in the overall scheme of things on planet Earth. Jaw shapes and teeth are important physical signs for prospective partners in this biological dance. The hypersensitivity of teens may seem, at times, somewhat misplaced and ridiculous, but those smiles, and grimaces play a part in the continuance of our species. Dentists and orthodontists are doing their bit to keep the turnstiles ticking over in the game of life and love.

The digital promotion of dental services has become a breeding ground for the espousal of far reaching therapeutic treatments. Orthodontic surgeries, facial feminisation surgery and other structural repairs to jaws and teeth are regularly explained and illustrated to online viewers. Dentists are becoming and working with oral and maxillofacial surgeons in the reconstructive field. Teenagers and adults alike are discovering therapeutic pathways to enhanced and realigned facial realities. The mouth and jaw play a highly visible and integral role in the lives of human beings. Is it any wonder that individuals suffering from impairments seek long lasting repairs?

Sudha Hamilton