One can talk up a storm about cosmetic surgery, but, in the end, it is the finished picture that tells the story with maximum impact. No amount of words will do justice to the oohs and aahs that a complete makeover can engender. Friends, family and loved ones are, often, bowled over by the results of cosmetic surgery.  A talented surgeon can paint a picture in 3D, which is imbued with breath taking beauty. Cosmetic surgery: A visual guide is the only way to truly comprehend this revolutionary way of rectifying nature’s failings and short comings.

Incredible Progress in Cosmetic Surgery

Check out these cosmetic surgery medical images for presentations and you will be amazed. The transformations revealed convey the incredible possibilities available. The progress in cosmetic surgery has been prodigious over the last few decades. What these surgeons can now do is nothing short of unbelievable. It is truly a new and futuristic world we live in, where virtual pharmacies now even exist, where human beings no longer feel entrenched within the cards that nature dealt them. Yes, there are still problems with things like breast implants and bad surgery, but nothing in life is perfect. Cosmetic surgery is a risk that many people are willing to try, because they are so enamoured of the results.

Human Enhancement the New Black

AI or artificial intelligence is the next stage for cosmetic surgery, with the augmentation of human beings with digital devices on the cusp of what is next. Implants are going to be more than just gel bags to boost bust sizes in the very near future. Human enhancement is going to be the big thing for those who can afford it. Utilising technology to make us better, both physically and mentally, will be the next iPhone. Homo Sapiens are on the brink of leaving their evolutionary biology behind and cosmetic surgery will be playing an important part.  Human enhancement is the new black.

Conceptions of beauty will be changing, with designer bodies being enhanced by both surgery and technological enhancement. Professor Yuval Noah Harari is an author well worth reading and checking out on YouTube. He has lectured on many of these future trends, which we as human beings are now facing. Cosmetic surgery is at the forefront of human enhancement, leading the way, as we leave behind the old conceptions of who we were.